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Alabama's only barrier island



The Scoop on the Scoping

Mobile Bay Ship Channel Widening:
Corps of Engineers Public Scoping Meeting

On January 12, 2016, a “scoping meeting” for the general public was hosted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at the Alabama Cruise Terminal, regarding the proposed expansion in depth and width of the Mobile Bay Shipping Channel.

One item of concern involves the manner in which the meeting was conducted.  Another item of concern is with regard to what many feel is a serious conflict of interest.




No Such Thing as Sharing

Mobile Bay Ship Channel Widening:
4x the profit for the Port Authority,
4x NOTHING for Dauphin Island

The Alabama State Port Authority is planning to widen the ship channel in Mobile Bay, to construct a "passing lane."  This will allow the port to handle more commercial ships transiting into and out of the port.  The ASPA has stated that this effort provides a 4 to 1 benefit to cost ratio.  Yet they are steadfast in their resolve to not share a dime of it with Dauphin Island for shoreline erosion caused by channel dredging...ARTICLE UNDER CONSTRUCTION


Miss Moneypenny

MsCIP & Other Projects:
HALF A BILLION for Mississippi,
NOTHING for Dauphin Island

The Corps seems to be delighted with their plan to spend nearly half a billion dollars to restore our sister islands to the west.  The project, reportedly using 8.5 million cubic yards of sand to be pumped from Alabama waters southwest of Dauphin Island.  Our sand for them.  Not for us. What's the deal?  Better negotiators over there? Stronger state reps? Or just casino $$?...ARTICLE UNDER CONSTRUCTION


Baldwin County Bounty

For the Eastern Shore,
the money just keeps on a-comin'
(Dauphin Island, fuggeddaboudit)

From CIAP to the Restore Act and more, Baldwin County has received, is receiving, and is due to receive tens of millions in funds for projects, and many of these projects have nothing to do with coastal restoration.  As always, Dauphin Island is left holding an empty sack...ARTICLE UNDER CONSTRUCTION


Hypocrisy Watch: Big Picture FAIL

Can't see the forest for the trees,
or the erosion for the lack of sand

In December 2013, an article appeared in Lagniappe about a property owner who built a small seawall around their lot in a desperate attempt to save their home from the eroding beach.  Rather than rally around the homeowner's plight to raise awareness of island erosion, several prominent island figures instead made the homeowner seem selfish for their effort...ARTICLE UNDER CONSTRUCTION


Legislation Revocation

The Misdirection of HB386:
Refuse to settle for a weak solution!

At the public hearing for this bill in March 2014, some people spoke in support of placing dredged material around the Sand Island Lighthouse as mitigation for the massive shoreline erosion which has been occurring on the island for decades.  Why did they champion this location, rather than what has been recommended in the past?...ARTICLE UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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